Spencer Parker, General Manager, North America at Process Vision, will be presenting the paper ‘Detection of Contamination in Gas Pipelines’

Process Vision presents and exhibits at CEESI Gas Ultrasonic Meter User’s Conference

Basingstoke, UK – Process Vision, a leader in innovative monitoring solutions, is excited to announce we are presenting a paper and exhibiting at the CEESI Gas Ultrasonic Meter User’s Conference, June 12-13 in Colorado Springs, CO. The conference brings together ultrasonic meter manufacturers and end users in order to share information about measurement challenges in the hydrocarbon measurement industry. Process Vision will present a paper on ‘Detection of Contamination in Gas Pipelines’.

The paper will discuss how new technology from Process Vision is enabling a live stream video feed from inside the gas pipeline to be available in the control room and it is revealing that, in some cases, mixed-phase flow is present while the hydrocarbon and water dewpoint systems still report that the gas is dry. With the ability to look directly into high-pressure gas pipelines, this paper provides evidence of how this new technology is discovering that phase separation and NGL recovery systems are not necessarily performing to specification.

For gas ultrasonic meters to provide long-term reliable service, it is important that they are presented with a representative gas sample from gas pipelines. Spencer Parker, General Manager, North America at Process Vision, said “The paper I am presenting will share multiple videos of real-world installations and, with the knowledge gained, provide a circular argument where allowing liquids to pass into gas transmission networks leads to lost revenue for the gas processor, increased operational costs on the transmission system operator and poses serious safety threats”. Added Parker “Two-phase flow in sales quality gas is considered a fault condition. Ensuring that liquids are avoided or filtered in analyzer sample systems will protect gas analyzers but can lead process engineers to be unaware when these liquids are present, allowing liquids to pass through custody transfer points without tripping alarms and contaminating gas transmission systems.”

Process Vision will also be exhibiting and showcasing its latest development, the Discovery System (for liquid carryover studies). Enabling a temporary installation of LineVu for a study to be conducted to assess real conditions inside pipelines. Studies are performed to determine if there is a continuous or intermittent liquid carryover problem. During the study, remote access to a real-time dashboard provides minute-by-minute data. The final written study report, together with review meetings provides evidence for better decisions, which can lead to significant improvement in financial, safety and compliance performance.

“We are excited to participate at CEESI and to be able to introduce attendees to the capabilities of LineVu and our Discovery System for their high-pressure gas pipelines,” said Parker. “Our system’s ability to provide live streaming and high-resolution video combined with our proprietary machine learning models enables proactive monitoring of glycol and NGL carryover, leading to increased revenue for processing plants and reduced maintenance costs for transmission system operators.”

From CEESI, “This event brings together a wealth of information as well as new ideas and new questions regarding flow measurement using ultrasonic meters. Ultrasonic manufacturers are making significant improvements to their meters at a rapid pace. The sheer gas volume in the market today and the number of dollars flowing through gas pipelines demand the highest accuracy possible in metering stations. As the metering uncertainty envelope tightens, original assumptions are questioned, and standards are re-examined establishing the need for new test data. The CEESI Gas Ultrasonic Meter User’s Conference is a one-of-a-kind event that caters to the ultrasonic user. This event allows for open discussion on ultrasonic metering from a user’s standpoint. Today’s challenges and successes, as well as “lessons learned” in ultrasonic metering are part of the discussion.”

About Process Vision:

Process Vision, based in Basingstoke, UK, is innovating for a better tomorrow. With cutting-edge vision technology, we are revolutionizing the industry and enhancing lives and businesses. We optimize processes, predict failures, and set a new standard for efficiency.

Process Vision partners with engineers and managers in the Energy industry to improve reliability and efficiency through innovative image-processing technology. Our systems detect and alert on liquids, hydrate, wax, and solid contamination in natural gas pipelines while providing expert guidance for effective prevention and removal. With real-time visibility into pipeline health and accurate time and location-stamped video evidence, Process Vision delivers peace of mind and reduces the risk of equipment failure and unscheduled outages.

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About the author

Paul Stockwell, the managing director of Process Vision, is a renowned authority in moisture measurement with 35 years of experience in the oil and gas industry. He founded International Moisture Analysers (IMA) and played a key role in advancing moisture measurement techniques. Notably, he introduced tunable diode laser absorption spectroscopy for natural gas measurements, revolutionizing the field and establishing it as the industry standard method. Throughout his 20-year tenure as managing director, Paul has gained valuable insights into process optimization, cost reduction, and safety enhancement. His vision for Process Vision encompasses improving process throughput, reducing maintenance costs and CO2 emissions, and nurturing young engineering talent, aiming to make a significant difference in the oil and gas industry.

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