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InSight provides dexterous inspection and contamination extraction in live, high-pressure pipelines and processing equipment. 

With this revolutionary robotics platform, shutdowns and maintenance can be reduced providing game-changing safety and financial benefits.

InSight is a robotic camera system that can be installed on high pressure natural gas systems. When installed it provides a never-before-seen controllable live video stream of the gas flow and internal pipeline features. When contamination is discovered, integrated tools enable in-process removal of the liquid contamination.

With live injection of the robotic system, shutdowns are minimized. With 80% of downtime being due to preparation for human entry. Alongside the financial benefits, on-site safety is improved through reduction of confined space working.

InSight is currently awaiting hazardous area certification.

Liquid carryover in gas treatment causes foaming in amine and glycol contactors. Normal practice is to use de-foamer to recover from a foaming event. This often requires a reduction in gas flow rate until the foam is under control. Current practice is to monitor pressure drop across the contactor.

With InSight, de-foamer can be precisly introduced, allowing for prevention of foaming events rather than recovery, without loss of production. InSight can extract foam directly via integrated tooling, reducing the need for shutdowns.

Operators have live control of the InSight robotic platform, capable of entering towers and vessels via tapping points.

Remote viewing allows for experts to make evidence-based decisions.

Key Advantages


Contamination Removal

With live inspection and various integrated extraction equipment, contamination can be removed


Improve safety

Dexterous visual inspection reduces the need for confined space working


Reduce shutdown

Online visual and physical inspection will help shutdown planning and logistics

Key Features

Inspection of high-pressure gas systems

Versatile additional tools will enable operators to troubleshoot operation problems such as foaming or fouling without the need for plant shutdown.

ease of installation

With the option for a permanently mounted rigid framework, InSight can be installed quickly for rapid response to contamination events and routine maintenance.

High Pressure System Access

Designed for high pressure combustible gas systems. Accessing systems via existing tapping points.

Modular Construction

Allows for adaption of the robotic platform to meet each of our customers needs.

Evidence-based Desicion

We believe that process supervisors and operations teams should have the best information possible in order to make the best operational decisions.

Contamination Extraction

With a pressure differental, observed liquid contaminiation can be extracted with the vessel/pipeline pressurised.

Remote Viewing

Operators are located within the safe area, enabling extended maintenance with minimal risk.

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