Liquid Carryover Studies

Your all-in-one liquid carryover detection system, with 24/7 live video stream and analysis.
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Are you letting your NGLs get away?

LineVu has shown that not all natural gas liquid (NGL) recovery systems are optimized. Losing NGLs into the gas export line means lost revenue.
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Reducing compressor servicing costs

With an innovative, hazardous area certified system, LineVu can be retrofitted to a standard tapping point. Protecting your assets from liquid carryover.
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Insight into your pipeline

Process Vision partners with engineers and managers in the Energy industry to improve reliability and efficiency through innovative image processing technology. Our systems detect and alert on hydrate, wax, and contamination in pipelines, while providing expert guidance for effective removal. With real-time visibility into pipeline health, with accurate video evidence, time and location stamped, and unique optical detection technology, Process Vision delivers peace of mind and reduces the risk of equipment failure or shutdown.


LineVu provides liquid carryover detection and is designed to be installed in Midstream and Downstream applications.

LineVu enables the natural gas industry to make a step-change improvement in efficiency of a liquid separator and increase production by allowing gas treatment plant operators and gas network managers to make evidence-based decisions. Reacting quickly to prevent foaming and fouling in desulphurisation and dehumidification processes.

Decision-making is easier for gas plant operators and gas network managers with a live video feed of pipeline conditions.

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Industries Facts & Figures

Think your gas is dry?
Think again.

Through years of close collaboration with our customer base, we have discovered the cost impact liquid carryover can have on their processes & assets. We have been able to understand the main causes to these unnecessary shutdowns due to the below failures:

Dry Gas Seals (Compressors)
Gas Analysers Failures
Gas Turbine Power Stations
Process Failures (Amine Plants)
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Liquid Carryover Detection
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Continuous monitoring of your process with alarms.

LineVu provides operator feedback on natural gas pipelines and natural gas processing plants allowing improved performance of liquid separator and gas filter systems.

Operators can view a live video stream and receive alarms when liquid separator and liquid filter problems cause process upsets and increase the risk of corrosion and failure to comply with gas quality standards.


InSight is an innovative snake robot capable of entering high-pressure gas processing plants and gas networks for inspection and fouling removal without a shutdown.

Shutdowns can be minimised by a pre-turnaround inspection of pressure vessels, allowing maintenance schedules and work orders to be generated, and parts ordered and received ahead of the shutdown.

When used in tube & shell heat exchangers, InSight removes fouling and maintains exchanger efficiency at the highest level.

All you really care about monitoring in one place.

Condensate Recovery

Failure to remove all liquids at the exit of a gas treatment plant (the gas contactor) results in contamination of the gas exiting the treatment plant. Even though the gas has been dehydrated and is therefore “dry”, entrained glycol, used to remove water vapour (MEG or TEG), can impact on condensate recovery.

Flow Assurance

Liquid carryover into gas networks is a continuing problem around the world. Despite regulatory and commercial requirements dictating that gas at the entry point to a network should be free of liquids and solids, every year liquids cause significant damage to gas turbines and compressors on the network.

Foam Management​

Foaming is a common problem in gas treatment, and is responsible for significant loss of production in many plants around the world. Now, a new system can prevent these losses, and help boost gas production to optimum levels.

Our Customers

Driving technology in leading companies

LineVu is currently providing valuable information regarding gas quality in the National Transmission System (NTS). We aim to roll further systems out.

 National Grid UK

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