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Innovative image processing

In the downstream oil and gas industry, the quality of fuel gas used in power stations and high gas users is a critical concern. Contaminants such as liquids, solids, and corrosive substances can cause blockages, corrosion, and reduced flow rates, leading to decreased efficiency and increased downtime. This can result in significant financial losses and impact the reliability of power generation. 

One of the main issues faced by power stations and high gas users is the risk of damage to expensive equipment, such as gas turbines, caused by contaminated fuel gas. The presence of contaminants in the fuel gas can cause pressure build-up and ultimately cause equipment failure. This can pose a significant risk to the environment and public safety. 

In order to mitigate these risks and improve efficiency, it is important to have a system in place that can detect and monitor fuel gas contamination in real-time. With the use of innovative image processing technology and expert guidance, companies can improve their pipeline performance, reduce downtime and lower maintenance costs, while ensuring the safety of their operations and the environment.

The use of Process Vision’s image processing technology and alarms ensures that power stations and high gas users are aware of any potential contamination issues in their fuel gas supply. The technology is designed to detect contamination techniques and provide real-time alarms, allowing customers to respond quickly and effectively. 

In addition, the use of Process Vision technology provides proof of contamination, which can be used to claim compensation in the event of damage to equipment. The technology also helps reduce the risk of unscheduled outages and maintenance costs. 

Having cameras in both the import and export lines of the transportation and power generation systems allows for events to be seen in isolation and for reassurance. This combined with daily analysed reports and constant video analysis for contamination provides peace of mind for the customers. 

In conclusion, Process Vision is the solution that the downstream industry has been waiting for. With advanced technology, expert guidance, and a range of products and accessories, customers can rest assured that their operations are running smoothly and efficiently. Whether you are an engineer or manager in the power generation sector, Process Vision has the solutions you need to succeed. 

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