Process Vision has been nominated for the Instrumentation Excellence Awards 2024

We are pleased to announce that Process Vision has been nominated for the Instrumentation Excellence Awards 2024 in two categories: the Excellence in Innovation Award and the Thermal Imaging & Vision Systems Award.

Excellence in Innovation Award

Our nomination for the Excellence in Innovation Award is a clear indication of our commitment to technological progression and the creation of advanced solutions that are instrumental in the evolution of the instrumentation industry. This acknowledgement underlines our resolve to launch unique products that enable our clients to maintain their competitive stance. A case in point of our innovative approach is the LineVu Discovery system, a pioneering, comprehensive portable solution that provides real-time video streams, efficient data analysis, and substantial portability for liquid carryover studies. This system showcases capability to offer valuable insights and improve process efficiency for our customers.

Thermal Imaging & Vision Systems Award

Our nomination for the Thermal Imaging & Vision Systems Award highlights our expertise and leadership in this vital area. Thermal imaging and vision systems are indispensable for a multitude of applications, from industrial safety to sophisticated monitoring. At Process Vision, we are committed to delivering superior thermal imaging solutions that augment operational efficiency, safety, and accuracy for our clients. A notable instance of our innovation is the LineVu system, a pioneering solution that reveals contamination in high-pressure natural gas systems, which until now has been undetected. The LineVu system provides a live video stream of the gas. offering real-time visibility into the gas flow at pressure. This system embodies our ability to provide valuable insights and real time alerts of contamination for our customers.

Show Your Support

We are deeply appreciative of this recognition and invite you to support us and the other nominees by casting your vote. 

How to Vote

  1. Click on this [voting link].
  2. Locate Process Vision in the Excellence in Innovation Award and Thermal Imaging & Vision Systems Award categories.
  3. Cast your vote!

Watch the video below for a step-by-step guide on how to vote:

Thank you for your support and for helping us continue to lead in innovation and excellence. Every vote counts, and we sincerely appreciate your time and effort in supporting Process Vision.

About Process Vision:

Process Vision, based in Basingstoke, UK, is innovating for a better tomorrow. With cutting-edge vision technology, we are revolutionizing the industry and enhancing lives and businesses. We optimize processes, predict failures, and set a new standard for efficiency.

Process Vision partners with engineers and managers in the Energy industry to improve reliability and efficiency through innovative image-processing technology. Our systems detect and alert on liquids, hydrate, wax, and solid contamination in natural gas pipelines while providing expert guidance for effective prevention and removal. With real-time visibility into pipeline health and accurate time and location-stamped video evidence, Process Vision delivers peace of mind and reduces the risk of equipment failure and unscheduled outages.

For more information:

Contact Jo Shailes, Marketing Director (consultant)

[email protected]

Picture of About the author

About the author

Paul Stockwell, the managing director of Process Vision, is a renowned authority in moisture measurement with 35 years of experience in the oil and gas industry. He founded International Moisture Analysers (IMA) and played a key role in advancing moisture measurement techniques. Notably, he introduced tunable diode laser absorption spectroscopy for natural gas measurements, revolutionizing the field and establishing it as the industry standard method. Throughout his 20-year tenure as managing director, Paul has gained valuable insights into process optimization, cost reduction, and safety enhancement. His vision for Process Vision encompasses improving process throughput, reducing maintenance costs and CO2 emissions, and nurturing young engineering talent, aiming to make a significant difference in the oil and gas industry.

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